Additional site details and a tentative agenda for the 2012 NISOA National Referee Academies are now available.

Academy Locations and Contacts Tentative Agenda for NRP Academy Clinics

6 Responses to “2012 National Referee Academy Site Information and Agenda”

  1. If the PPT is successfully completed prior to the national clinic, to whom should the results be sent?

  2. The Agenda for the National Referee Academy shows Saturday, or (1)-Day only…. The National Camp was a few days. Is the Academy only 1-day? If so, does this qualify me as a National Referee Candidate (for whiuch I have submitted application) ?

    • The program has been revised to be one day every year. Once you meet the requirements, written tests, physical fitness test, participation at academy you should be qualified as a National Referee

      • Thank you, John. I thought the purpose of the National Camp at Elizabethtown, PA this July was to become a Candidate, and then – over a 2-year period – become recognized and wear the National Referee Badge.

        What you seem to be telling me is that attending the national Academy serves this same purpose, but accomplished in a single day.

        Please clarify any differences for me…

        • The candidate level has been dropped. If you meet the requirements of the new program as previously described you will become a National Referee