C. Cliff McCrath – NISOA Executive Director

We received the following question regarding substitutions during the last five minutes of the game:

During the last five minutes of regulation the Team leading has a sub checked in, before the ball is out of play on a throw in the losing Team has a Sub check in. Both teams have subs checked in and the ball goes out of touch for a throw in. Should the clock be stopped?

C. Cliff McCrath, NISOA’s Executive Director responds, “Clock stops! Point #1: The leading/winning team is subbing therefore the last 5 minute rule will apply. 2. Regardless when the sub gets to the ‘table’ the stopping action occurs when the actual entry occurs – if the clock has reached 5:00 or less IT STOPS!”

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4 Responses to “NCAA Soccer Rules Refresher; Substitutions in the Last Five Minutes of the Game”

  1. a moment of clarification if I can…if the horn from the table blows for the substitution at 5:04 and the substitutes don’t enter the field until 4:58, the clock should keep running?

    • Almost a trick question: Normally, the referee beckons the player(s) to enter the game when the horn sounds. If he/she sees that the clock still has not begun the final 5:00 minutes there should be no stoppage of the clock. If he/she hears the horn and doesn’t see the clock until it begins the final 5:00 minutes, he/she should stop the clock before beckoning the player(s) to enter the field of play. In short, the time on the clock governs the rule. If the referee beckons when he/she hears the horn – example at 5:47 – and the players don’t actually enter until 4:59 the clock will NOT stop. Like I said: Tricky question. (NOTE: Make part of 2013 NRP Clinics!),

  2. Cliff,
    I have obviously been misinterpreting the stoppage rule. I was keying on the fact that since the losing team was subbing we’d keep the clock running.
    For me one addition would have been helpful. New Rule 3.6.4 If both teams choose to substitute, the clock shall be stopped.