By: Ross Meloan, NISOA Interscholastic Division Director

Dr. Joseph Manjone

On October 2, 2017, Columbia Southern University honored one of NISOA’s Hall of Fame members with the dedication of the Dr. Joseph Manjone Center for Continuing Education on the university’s campus in Orange Beach, Alabama.

Dr. Manjone was recognized for his tireless and pioneering work in academe specifically with both Columbia Southern University where he currently serves as Assistant Provost of Special programs, and as president of Waldorff University from 2009-2011.  Among his many academic accomplishments is the ongoing Vietnam Educational partnership with the International Training Cooperation in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.  This effort provides educational opportunities at the bachelor through master’s degree levels in primarily in business administration.

Dr. Manjone was an active NISOA referee 1965 to 2005.  He was the founding member of two NISOA chapters in Pennsylvania and Alabama.  He was a NISOA Executive Board member as a Regional Representative from 1980-1998.  In addition, Dr. Manjone served as the NISOA Director of Interscholastic Programs from 2009-2014 and during that time authored numerous NISOA sponsored articles for high school officiating.  From 1993 to 2000, he served as NISOA’s historian and wrote the Thirty-Year History of NISOA which became available in 1994. For his efforts, Dr. Manjone was honored with the NISOA Recognition Award in 1995 and inducted into the NISOA Hall of Fame in 2013.

Dr. Manjone is and has been a visionary in both the academic and sports worlds with his level of dedication, commitment and incredible energy.  Congratulations Dr. Joe!

Columbia Southern University Press Release

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