Video Instruction – Hydration Breaks

Published on August 28, 2019


The NCAA has recently provided an update for Men’s and Women’s Soccer Official Rules Interpretations, Clarifications and Situations for hydration breaks under Rule 5.6.1. NISOA will continually update the home page with the most recent version of the document as revisions are made by the NCAA.

The most recent update states that if a WBGT device is not available on-site, the game still may begin and the referee shall file a report with the host conference. In this situation, the host institution could estimate the WBGT by using temperature and relative humidity, although this method increases the probability of error, or err on the side of caution and apply the hydration break rule in both halves of the contest.

The NISOA Instruction Staff produced the video below to help our members better understand the intent and application of the rules change. The video is also posted on the NISOA YouTube channel which is available for subscription.

Proper fluid intake is essential for player and official safety as it reduces the risk of injury and allows the players and officials to work at a higher level of physical capability.

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