Video Instruction – Penalty Decision

Mental and physical preparation are essential in all college soccer matches but championship matches in front of a national (and sometimes international) audience challenge the referee team to be at their very best. In this case, a critical match incident occurs in the 84th minute of a scoreless game. The referee in this match is Tori Penso, 2018 NISOA Referee of the Week (Week 2).


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3 Responses to “Video Instruction – Penalty Decision”

  1. I really like to review live game footage. I really helps to puts the “words” in the LOTG (NISOA Laws) into a real life situation. thanks.

  2. Once the referee whistled to stop play for the foul, the AR gave the referee immediate feedback by running to the corner flag indicating that foul was inside the penalty area. The referees worked well as a team. This must have been discussed in their pregame.

  3. Absolutely a penalty, I would have also cautioned as she was clearly beaten to the ball and had a full arm extension push after the initial contact foul.