John Van de Vaarst

Published on January 11, 2017


John Van De Vaarst (NJ)

By: John Puglisi, NISOA President

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that John Van de Vaarst informed me of his resignation from his position as NISOA Director of Operations to spend more time with his family. As one of NISOA’s core values is “family first”, I am pleased for John and his family, however, his contributions, dedication and tireless support of NISOA will be missed.

John selflessly served NISOA for over 35 years performing just about every role and duty imaginable. A short list of John’s positions include being president of two chapters (Central Maryland and New Jersey), a NISOA Regional Representative, NISOA Secretary, NISOA Vice President, NISOA President and NISOA Hall of Fame member. As a National Clinician, John served as NISOA’s Director of Instruction and long time lead clinician at Elizabethtown for the NISOA Referee Training Camp. John developed the current format for the Annual General Meeting/Convention in his role as Convention Director for many years. His wife Mary was a founding member of the NISOA Auxiliary. His honors and awards are numerous and include the Ray Bernabei NISOA Honor Award. John is also a member of the South New Jersey Soccer Hall of Fame.

Since 2008, John has been the NISOA Director of Operations performing the responsibilities for NISOA’s daily operations. In addition, John wrote monthly instructional articles for the NISOA Newsletter and web site. He championed the NISOA Interscholastic Division which focuses on improving high school soccer officiating across the country. Many chapter contacts and presidents knew John as the source for all kinds of answers about NISOA policy, insurance products and where to get replacement badges.

I am very fortunate to have worked with John. He welcomed me to the organization, treated me and my family with respect and courtesy. He truly has NISOA in his blood. The NISOA family is indebted to John and Mary for all their dedication and work.

4 Responses to “John Van de Vaarst”

  1. With the passing of Dr. Bernabei, John took the reins and let NISOA thru these hard times. NISOA will always be thankful for what John did.

    • John was and is a real friend and mentor. A real cornerstone in the NISOA structure. His endless hours working for the association included taking over Dr. Ray’s activities and later those of Mario Donangelo as well.
      Irreplaceable is probably the best word that I can come up with now.
      Enjoy your new life, John

  2. John has been a good friend and mentor to me over the years. He has been leader that we all respect and can always count on so I am saddened to hear that he will be leaving us and know that he will surely be missed.

    John has been there for many of us, so one can see why NISOA has accomplished do much over the years. His fingerprint will always be ingrained with-in our association and we are all thankful for his leadership.

  3. John you have been a good friend to me and have helped out chapter with your leadership and experience. It is great to be a part of NISOA with you and Mary in it for so many years. I totally understand your move to be with family. I do hope to see you again and thank you so much for the years you have dedicated to NISOA and to all of us throughout the country.