Interscholastic Division

In 1990, the NISOA Executive Board formed the NISOA Interscholastic Program. Our program is open to any soccer official age 18 years or older who wishes to improve his or her officiating skills. As a service organization NISOA offers assistance to the National Federation of High Schools in promoting interscholastic soccer officiating. A cooperative atmosphere is prevalent among the two organizations as we mutually seek to enhance the quality of soccer for the student athlete.

As embodied in our mission statement the ultimate indicator of the value of our interscholastic program must be the level of citizenship displayed by those who participate. We invite all who “RESPECT THE GAME” to join us in our endeavor. Membership in NISOA provides you with access to the full benefits of NISOA. Specifically, a national interscholastic patch, $1 million dollars liability insurance coverage, discount soccer officiating equipment, access to related publications and training materials, eligibility to participate in all NISOA soccer related clinics and training camps.

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Mission Statement:

In the pursuit of excellence, to service men’s and women’s intercollegiate and interscholastic soccer by establishing the highest level of officiating, professionalism, and ethics, and to continually improve the performance of NISOA officials through innovative professional – quality education, training, and leadership.


  • To promote national standards for interscholastic officials.
  • To promote a national training program for interscholastic officials.
  • To promote a National Organization.
  • To promote a national instruction/assessment program.
  • To communicate with all soccer-related interest groups.
  • To foster international cooperation with other interscholastic officials.
  • To develop financial resources to elevate the level of interscholastic soccer officiating..