New NISOA Physical Performance Test

Published on January 31, 2017


The NISOA Executive Board approved new Physical Performance Tests for NISOA National Referees and new/renewing members effective immediately. The existing 4 event test (12 minute run, Pro-40 Box, AR-50 M and 30 M shuttle) has been replaced with a more modern testing protocol. There are separate tests for NISOA National Referees and Renewing/New NISOA members.

In July 2014, the NISOA Executive Board approved the concept of updating the NISOA Physical Performance Test with the consideration that additional data collection would be done to establish standards applicable to officiating college soccer.  The data collection and analysis has been completed and approved by the NISOA Executive Board for immediate implementation.

Information about the events, criteria and performance requirements are available in the Forms directory of the web site.

New NISOA Physical Performance Test Procedures


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