A Message for Referee Coaches

The number one purpose of the NISOA assessment program is to improve the skill level of all NISOA referees to provide our customers with the most competent referees to officiate their matches. The second purpose is to gather information that can be used to improve training.

It is important that all assessors provide clear and concise feedback to the referees after the game and document a brief outline, using the NISOA assessment form, of positive actions the referee took and areas where the referee can improve their performance in the future.

The post-game feedback should always be an educational experience that highlight the two or three positives actions the referee took and two or three areas that could be improved. The debrief should take place after the referees have completed their postgame duties and in a private location. The debrief should not be more the 15 minutes and cover only significant issues, focus on what the referee can improve in their next game (do not major on minors) encourage the referee to do most of the talking. But never leave them wanting more from the debrief.

Policy Changes for National and Regional Assessor Recertification

National Re-certification requirements:

  • Attend a scheduled NISOA National Academy clinic to maintain grade once every year.
  • Maintain current membership with NISOA.
  • Must complete five NISOA assessments (three National and two other) each year.
  • May not be an active National NISOA Referee.

 The reason for requirement change:

1.     The National Assessors need to be as up to date on the rule changes, implementation, and game management guidance the same as the National Referees they are assessing.

2.     With over 100 National Assessors we need to provide better coverage to promote and maintain National Referees to the highest level. The minimum assessment count is to encourage the National Assessors to actively increase the number of assessments each year and to see if there might be a need to promote Regional assessors to National to replace those assessors who are not working.

 3.     The reason for not allowing active NISOA National referees to become National assessors is to prevent any ethical questions as to why it is allowed that a National referee can assess another National referee who in turn could assess them.

 Regional Assessor Re-certification requirements:

  • Must complete five NISOA assessments a year.
  • Must attend an NISOA sponsored clinic each year.
  • Must attend a National Academy clinic in the current year for an assessment to count as a National assessment for a referee.

 The reason for requirement changes:

1.     To encourage Regional Assessor to actively increase the number of assessments each year and to see if there might be a need to promote more assessors to Regional Assessors to replace those assessors who are not working.

2.     NISOA clinics are held in nearly every Chapter or Region yearly to update referees on rule changes, implementation and game management guidance from NISOA, therefore, Regional Assessors should be as updated as the referee they are assessing.

NISOA Assessment Program Training Presentation

Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation describing how to complete and submit a NISOA assessment properly.


Q. Can the same assessor assess a referee in the middle and then as an assistant in the same year?


Q. Is there only one from for both the referee and the assistant?

A.Yes, the assessor enters all three referee’s information on the game at the top of the form and then enters who the assessment is for at the bottom of the form where it says, “completed for”.

Q. Is there any specific weight that should be given to any of the three criteria?

A. No, all the criteria are considered equally important for the referee’s total performance.

Q. The procedure says 75 points is the starting point for grading the referee. Is that 75 points for each of the criteria or 75 points for the total score?

A. 75 is the starting point for the total score in each criterion you add or subtract points in each criterion. Example: in the first criteria, you may add one point in the positive points column or subtract one point in the needs improvement column, this at the assessor’s discretion. Then add and subtract the points from each criteria to get the total score at the bottom of the form.

Q. Is the same form used for Referees, National Candidates, and National referees?

A. Yes

Q. What should the file name be? Who at NISOA gets the assessment form?

A. Use the referees’ surnames (i.e. smith-jones-davis.php) , because that is how NISOA and the Regional coordinators track who the assessment is for, by just looking at the file name. Upload your completed assessment forms to the NISOA Dropbox account. Instructions are here. See this video tutorial for help.

Q. I can’t write on the form, what do I do?

A. Download Adobe Reader which is free. If you are working on Windows and can not get the information on the form to save properly, try this fix.

Q. I want to become a NISOA Assessor. What do I do?

A. Contact George Noujaim for information.

If there are further questions refer to the web site under forms and download the assessor procedures zip file.

Assessor's Forms


Regional Coordinators

Regional Map

Assessments are managed by the NISOA region's area coordinator. The Regional Area Coordinators are:

Region I - Victor MathesonRegion II - Mark ButlerRegion III - Dan Rudloff
Region IV - Bryan RoslundRegion V - Sam BilboRegion VI - Kevin Flynn [NR]
Region VII - William DeLois(NR)Region VIII - Doug Epps [NRE]Region IX - Harlan Matthews
Region X - Randall Reyes