Past Presidents

Since 1964, NISOA has been lead by some of the great names in intercollegiate soccer and officiating. This is the Honor Roll of Past Presidents.

NISOA Past Presidents
1964James Walder (PA)
1965Harry Rogers (PA)
1966Raymond Kraft (MD)
1967William Rosenthal (NY)
1968Larry King (MO)
1969-70Harry Nowick (NJ)
1971Joseph Morrone (CT)
1972Patrick Smith (OH)
1973-74Raymond Bernabei (PA)
1975-76Jack Schrumpf (NJ)
Honorary PresidentDave Grieve (MA)
1977-78Rocco Montano (PA)
1979-80Dick Jamison (NY)
1981-82Harold Chappel (PA)
1983-84Mario Donnangelo (PA)
1985-86Alvin Schalge (CO)
1987-88Larry Starner (PA)
1989-90William Fortin (CT)
1991-92Michael Moskowitz (NY)
1993-94Henry Papa (AL)
1995-96Ab Leonard (NY)
1997-98C. Frank Jewell (FL)
2001-02Michael Allen (OR)
2003-04Kenneth Andres (NJ)
2005-06John Van de Vaarst (NJ)
2007-08Larry Dorsey (CA)
2009-10Joseph Miller (CT)
2011-12Manuel Ortiz, Jr. (TX)
2013-14Todd Abraham (IL)
2015-16George Wescott (NJ)
2017-18John Puglisi (NY)
2019-20Gary Huber (MO)