NISOA Assessment Procedures

Published on May 8, 2017


Based on initial feedback and further refinement, we have prepared a revised assessment form (for members and National Referees) with instructions that is available for download here or at the Forms directory. The link below will download a zip archive package with a fill-in PDF assessment form, a companion PDF with instructions and a PowerPoint presentation suitable for local chapter assessor training for using and submitting the assessment form.

Please discard previous assessment forms.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment here or at this link here. Thank you.

Current NISOA Assessor Forms and Instructions

14 Responses to “NISOA Assessment Procedures”

  1. Since I will have travel 400+ miles to attend this mandatory academy presentation to keep my National Assessor Badge, please give some details.
    1. Is this a one day class.
    2. What are the hours.
    3. Is there a fee
    4. Is this class at the hotel mentioned
    5. Is there a NISOA rate or information to make hotel reservations
    Thank You

    • If you are a National Assessor all the information about the National clinics will be on the website.
      Please refer to the fact sheet in the assessor’s folder on the website under Assessment. It will explain why ALL National Assessors need to go to a National Academy.
      There is no clinic fee for any Assessors to attend.
      Yearly registration fee is paid through your chapter.

      • On Saturday August 5, 2017 I attended the National Academy at Concordia University, in Portland, Oregon.

        I am a NISOA National Assessor from the State of Idaho. Until this year I was the SDA for the State, of Idaho, and currently I held an USSF Badge State 5, Emeritus Badge.
        I learned that to retain my Nisoa, National Badge, I am required to Assesses 3 National, and two others, beside attending to National Academy.

        My main concern ism, than in Idaho, we do not have National Referees, and I only Assesses local referees and Occassionally National Referees that officiate in the State and request an National Assessments.

        I hate to lose my National Badge, I am willing to travel to another state to meet this new requirements. I would like to know, if you have any suggestions, so I may be able to retain my National Badge.


        • This year since you took the National clinic you are good. I am working on how to get our National assessors more games. This may take some time so in the mean time attending the NRA clinic is good enough to hold your badge.

  2. Hello, just read Richard Gamboa response, I would also like to know the time frame for the workshop for NA.
    1. how long will the workshop/ clinic, 1 hour or more
    2. will the assessment procedures be at the same time at each site
    3. please reply ASAP

    Jerry Corrigan NA

    • The National Referee Academy clinic is 8 hours on Saturday. The Assessors clinic will be the last one and a half hour of the day in a split off session from the Referee clinic.

  3. All assessors register through your Chapter and for those of you who say they want to recertify online like last year that was only the assessor’s part of the training. It was not the whole National Academy clinic. There are some rule changes that it will be important for you to get at the NRA this year.

  4. I fully understand why many of you National Assessors do not think it is worth your while to attend the National Clinic but it is a requirement so you get the same information that the National Referees get so when you assess them you will not give them conflicting information. There are some rule changes that you need to hear how the referees are being asked to apply them.
    Please don’t keep asking me for waivers, either attend or don’t that is your decision.

  5. How many assessments are required of National Referees to maintain their status? Thank you.