How to Apply


Any active NISOA member meeting the criteria listed in Policy Code No. 500.175 may apply to the NISOA National Referee Program.

The NRP Application form will be published on the web site ( prior to annual enrollment. This application shall be fully and accurately completed by the interested applicant, and submitted to the Regional Area Coordinator, in a timely manner prior to the specified completion date.


1.            Must have been a NISOA member in Good Standing for three (3) years.

2.            Must submit two letters of recommendation (either from their local chapter, college coach, high school coach, a certified NISOA National or Regional  assessor or a current NISOA NRP member).

3.            Must submit two (2) assessments as a referee and (1) assessment as an assistant referee of regular or post-season intercollegiate soccer games by a certified NISOA National or Regional  assessor which meet or exceed the level of standard established by the NRP program.

4.            Must present a signed and completed Physician’s General Medical Examination conducted within six (6) months of the date of the application or a signed NISOA Medical Liability Waiver.

5.            Must present a list of twenty (20) regular or post-season intercollegiate games officiated within the last two (2) years.

6.            Must adhere to NISOA Code of Ethics.

7.            Must submit the appropriate application fee (see Policy #500.175-J).

Completed criteria documents shall be sent to the Applicant’s Chapter Board for confirmation of membership in good standing. The Applicant shall then send the criteria documents and completed application to the Regional Area Coordinator for review and recommendation.

The Regional Area Coordinator shall submit the documents to Tom Richardson, or his/her designee, with a recommendation. Further instructions will then be sent to those Applicant’s who meet the written criteria with an invitation to attend an NRP Academy.

Upon completing the written application process, participating in and meeting the requirements and standards at an NRP Academy, thus attaining certification, the successful Applicant will become an NRP member.