NISOA Dress and Apparel


By:  John Van de Vaarst

In May 2010, there was an article published in this section about wearing the proper uniform.  NISOA Policy Code 900.24 describes the uniform for all NISOA officials.  The opening paragraph of the policy indicates:

     “the following referee uniform dress code shall be mandatory for all NISOA officials when officiating an intercollegiate soccer game.  Any deviation from this standard code shall be considered a violation of the NISOA Standard Code of Ethics.”

ALL OFFICIALS MUST DRESS ALIKE and the uniform will consist of shirts and shorts with the NISOA/OSI logo.  Shirts may be long or short sleeve and be the black, blue, gold, orange, or green grid style.

Shorts are to be black.  Stockings are to be black with three white stripes or the black stocking with three colored stripes to match the predominant jersey color.  Note:  solid black socks are not permitted. There are two styles of warm-up uniforms that are permitted, either the back with white stripes or the all blue.  All officials must wear the same style warm-up.  The NISOA referee patch, National referee patch, or National referee emeritus patch must be worn.  The patch may be substituted with the NCAA or NAIA patch during post season playoffs.

All officials should arrive at games looking professional.  If the officials are changing at the site they should arrive in a NSIOA golf shirt with gray or tan pants or a shirt and NISOA tie with blazer.  If the officials are dressing at another location they should arrive in warm-ups or their shorts with stockings pulled up, black tee shirt or uniform shirt.  First impressions are lasting.

Chapters and individual members do not have the authority to alter the uniform policy or permit their members to deviate from it.  As previously stated, individuals who do not wear the proper uniform are in violation of the Code of Ethics and the chapter should deal with the matter as soon as it comes to their attention.