Featured Instructional Articles

Instructional Articles

Bob Sumpter

John Van de Vaarst

As part of NISOA’s commitment to excellence in soccer officiating, Bob Sumpter began collecting and publishing pertinent and insightful instructional articles to elevate the quality of interscholastic and intercollegiate soccer officiating. In January 2011,  John Van de Vaarst accepted the task of continuing to post articles on a monthly basis.  These articles are authored by soccer referee colleagues from around the country who share their experience and expertise in the specialized skills of refereeing. NISOA hopes that the information appearing helps each of you to reach the level of personal excellence you have set for yourself.

As with all of our publications, we encourage readers to submit their comments and suggestions for improvement.

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  1. My son who lives in Davenport Ia wants to become a NISOA official. In checking the internet, I cannot find any place or person to contact in order to do that. Can you help. Thanks