NISOA Revises Assessment Forms

Published on March 15, 2010


The NISOA Assessment Forms have been revised to allow for a numerical score to be determined by the assessor. These revised forms are available on the forms page. These forms will be in effect with the beginning of the 2010 Fall Season. All other forms will be obsolete.

Update on May 17, 2010: New assessment forms for assistant referees have been posted. Please use the most recent forms available on the forms page.

5 Responses to “NISOA Revises Assessment Forms”

  1. In general I like the new assessment form – but I have two comments for consideration. First – I’m not sure that we should award 6 points to referees for doing what they are required to do – that is, dress appropriately and take care of required pregame tasks. Referees at the National Level must be expected to do these things. I would suggest that those 6 points be given to the assessor to deduct from the total score if necessary.

    Second – I don’t like the checkbox regarding Post-season assignments – that is a bomb waiting to explode. I may think that the referee did a fine job on the game I assessed – but at the same time I may not see that referee as a candidate for tournament play. The referee, on the other hand, may see that as a slap at his/her competence. Anyway – I think that information should be between the assessor and the regional coordinator.

    • I agree with Mr. Buchner regarding the post season assignments checkbox. The referee’s total score from all his assessments as well as the assessors’ comments should be suffice.
      It is also confusing how to equally place grade weight points on mechanics (7 categories) with a total of 15 points unless in the opinion of the assessor that one category has a higher weight point than another. This could be subjective rather than objective. Similarly with the game management (7 categories) with a total of 30 points.
      Best regards

  2. All the forms on the web page are PDF format. It requires the assessor print the hard copy, complete the form, then scan it or mail it.

    Any chance of getting the forms in a DOC format?