New Rules Question Page

Published on September 1, 2011


Rules Book CoverWe receive a lot of comments and emails regarding the NCAA Soccer Rules and interpretations. In response, we created a new page just for rules questions and interpretations. NISOA Executive Director and long time NCAA Soccer Secretary-Rules Editor, C. Cliff McCrath and newly appointed NCAA Soccer Secretary-Rules Editor, Ken Andres will be answering questions about the NCAA Soccer rules and providing interpretations.

Please follow the following guidelines before you post your question:

  • Read the current NCAA Soccer Rules book (available on the Forms page of our site).
  • Do not post questions regarding issues of referee judgement.
  • Do not post specific game details ( i.e. home team, match date, etc.) with your question, if your question happens to be about something you saw during an intercollegiate soccer game.
Any questions that do not follow these basic guidelines are subject to editorial review.

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