From Official Sports International President, Marilou Tobin:

I am writing to update everyone on the recent security breach experienced by OSI. On September 6th, our web host notified us that unauthorized access to a database containing the personal information of some of our web site customers had occurred. The sophistication of the breach has made it hard to determine the exact date(s) of attack, so we are notifying all web customers since our new site went up in November 2010 just to be extremely cautious.  This breach affects only customers who have ordered via our web site, customer information from telephone, fax or mail orders were not affected.

On September 6th we started to email all customers who had purchased from our web site going all the way back to November 1, 2010. We notified them of the breech and asked them to call their card issuing bank and to report the possibility of unauthorized access to their information. We also asked them to routinely monitor their credit reports. To make this easier for them we will be offering a year of free credit monitoring to all potentially affected customers. Information about this credit monitoring service will be mailed shortly.  Everyone will also be receiving notification again regarding the breach, plus a discount offer for their next order, in the mail.

All three major credit bureaus have been notified – Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. We have also filed a police report. U.S. Soccer was notified on September 6th and they have been kept up to date regarding our actions. Our web site is currently down while further investigations are made into the attack.

We cannot express enough the regret we have for this situation. For 27 years OSI has strived to earn your trust and respect by selling quality products. We have been selling our products via our web site for 15 years without one security breach. We are sickened that our site was hacked and the negative impact it has had on so many referees, our valued and loyal customers.

We will continue to update everyone affected as we gain additional information. And most of all, we will work tirelessly to once again gain your trust. I want to thank you for your support and friendship.


Marilou Tobin
Official Sports International

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    • Please track your credit card statements to see if there is any improper charges. If so contact the card company immediately