NISOA Referee Training Camp

Field Training at the NISOA Referee Training Camp

NISOA is now accepting online applications for the 2012 Referee Training Camp in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania from July 8, 2012 through July 12, 2012. Various scholarships and grants are available for applicants as indicated on the application form.

The NISOA Referee Training Camp is a unique, four day residential training program that focuses on improving soccer referees at the interscholastic and intercollegiate levels.

6 Responses to “Now Accepting 2012 NISOA Referee Training Camp Applications”

  1. I just have to wonder if there maybe enough interest to have two camps.I know I have looked every year for the past 3 to 4 years.Why not try and get more people involved Nisoa? I dabble in college football and we have meeting to attend each year. College football let there meeting be open to anybody.Why not open those meetings up to other officiating organization like ussf and high school soccer referees?

    • Thank you for your thoughts about additional training camps. NISOA has chapters throughout the Country that conduct several meetings during the year that include training. We are always looking at the possibility of having additional camps. However, budget limitations dictate what NISOA can program. A least 25 attendees would have to be guaranteed to make an additional camp cost neutral. The camp in Elizabethtown is opened to USSF and HS referees as long as they meet the requirements to register.

      • I was disappointed to hear that the camp is full. I planned on applying. I would be interested in attending if a second camp is offered. I enjoy officiating soccer very much and would do almost anything to have the opportunity to improve my officiating skills. I am doing very well with US Soccer and officiating at the high school level but there is always room to improve. There are very few opportunities at the local level (whether NFHS or US Soccer) to learn more, be evaluated, etc.

        • you are currently on the waiting list and may be considered if there is a change in attendance

          • Thank you for responding. Officiating soccer is a passion for me, and there are few, if any opportunities to hone skills, be in the presence of others who are of like mind, etc.

  2. I want to apply for the NISOA Referee Training Camp, please accept one more applicant so I can be there the Training Camp this year. If not, please keep in the in waiting list if any change that become available. Please contact me if you can add me in for this year.
    Thank you
    USSF + PIAA Soccer Reveree; Huy Nguyen