New National Referee Academy Program

Published on January 27, 2012

George Noujaim

George Noujaim, Director, NISOA National Referee Academy Program

Moving forward with our mission and vision to serve the collegiate game, the NISOA National Referee Academy certification, and recertification has taken a monumental step forward to serve our customers.  We are looking at multiple sites in the country to minimize travel, and expenses to participating referees, and instructors. The program will consist of a one day yearly program aimed at the qualified referees according to policy.  Qualified referees will earn a national “current year badge” at the conclusion of the session when all the requirements listed in the National policy are met.  I am looking forward to your participation.

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George Noujaim, Director

NISOA National Referee Academy Program

2012 National Referee Academy Program Highlights

  • One day clinics located throughout the country between June 2, 2012 and August 5, 2012 at central locations
  • Clinic Fee reduced to $50
  • Applicant Fee $75;
  • Program Renewal Fee-$40.
  • Assessments reduced to 1 as a Referee, and 1 as an AR, annually
  • Online testing & registration
  • PPT test prior to clinic if possible
  • Deleted Candidate status
  • Instruction aimed at National Referees primarily thru video clips

9 Responses to “New National Referee Academy Program”

      • Wondering when date/locations of the clinics will be made available? The summer is starting to fill up quickly with other assignments, clinics, and vacations – would be great to be able to secure a date and location for the clinic. Thanks!

    • The criteria to be a National Referee is posted on the National Referee Page.. If your chapter hosts, any member of the chapter may have an opportunity to participate.

  1. Will the late fee on the NRP application be waived as the dates of the clinics just came out?