Artificial Noisemakers and Red Card Reporting

Published on September 13, 2012


TO:    Head Men’s and Women’s Soccer Coaches and Conference Commissioners.

FROM:  Ken Andres, secretary-rules editor – NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rules Committee.

SUBJECT:  Update on artificial noisemakers and red card reporting.

Included in this memorandum is a revised official interpretation of Rule 5.6.9 in regards to artificial noisemakers and pep bands, as well as an update on the red card reporting procedure for referees.


The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Committee has issued the following interpretation of Rule 5.6.9 with regard to artificial noisemakers and pep bands:

1) Artificial noisemakers are permissible, subject to the discretion of the referee.  If the referee determines in his or her opinion that an artificial noisemaker is interfering with the administration of the game, the referee shall direct game management personnel to remove the item(s).

2) Whistles, air horns and electronic amplifiers are prohibited.

Pep bands are not considered to be artificial noisemakers.  Pep bands are permitted to play when the ball is not in play.  This interpretation is applicable to regular season games only.

NCAA policy for postseason competition states, “Artificial noisemakers, air horns and electronic amplifiers may not be permitted, and management may elect to remove such instruments from the playing and spectator areas.  The game manager is responsible for enforcing these provisions.”


It is of utmost importance that referees forward the red card submission confirmation to the person who assigned the game.  This process shall be followed for all red cards, as well as for fighting and assault on referee red cards.  Any reports submitted to date need to be forwarded.  Please contact Ashlee Ferguson at the NCAA national office if you did not retain a copy.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this communication.

cc:  NCAA Registered Soccer Referees

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