NCAA Rules Advisory: Red Card Reporting

Published on September 16, 2012

Kenneth G. Andres

Kenneth G. Andres
NCAA Soccer Secretary – Rules Editor

To: NISOA Officials

From: Ken Andres NCAA Soccer Secretary Rules Editor

R. 12.3 requires the center referee to electronically file a red card report for all ejections within 24 hours of completion of the game. This rule applies to all games officiated under NCAA rules ( NCAA, NAIA, NCCAA and NJCAA).

In addition to filing the red card report referenced above, the center referee must also electronically file the R. Fighting and/or R. 12.13 Referee Assault forms when those events occur.

Lastly, the center referee should also forward a copy of all ejection reports to the game assignor.

6 Responses to “NCAA Rules Advisory: Red Card Reporting”

  1. does a red or yellow card received in a game between a naia team and a ncaa d2 team count in card accumulation? it is not a regularly schedule game based on the definition.

    • Disciplinary cards issued in regularly scheduled games between NAIA and NCAA institutions “count” in all respects.

      • If player gets two yellow cards in non conference game does it count for conference game. Does player have to sit out next game? Or does 5 yellow cards rule take effect.

        • A player cannot receive two yellow cards in the same game for card accumulation purposes.

          If the player was issued two yellow cards in the same game, he/she should have been issued a red card immediately after the display of the second yellow and ejected from the game. The player would then be ineligible to participate in the next regularly scheduled game. In that instance, the player would be charged with 1 yellow card caution and 1 red card ejection for card accumulation purposes.

          Lastly NCAA rules do not distinguish between conference and non-conference games.