NCAA Soccer Rules; Windy Conditions

Published on September 22, 2012

Kenneth G. Andres

Kenneth G. Andres
NCAA Soccer Secretary – Rules Editor

The following interpretation of the NCAA Soccer Rules from Ken Andres, NCAA Soccer Secretary – Rules Editor, is provided:

Windy day and turf field so it was difficult to place ball without it moving because of wind.  Coaches wanted to know if it was legal to have a teammate place a finger on ball to prevent from moving before a free kick or to have a teammate hold ball in place with bottom of footwear?

In instances where conditions preclude the ball from remaining on the field in a stationary position, the referee has discretion to permit a teammate to place his/her foot on the ball to maintain the ball in a stationary position. The referee shall inform both coaches and team captains when circumstances warrant and this procedure will be permitted. The player placing his/her foot on the ball shall not move the ball. The act of holding the ball in a stationary position shall not be considered as putting the ball in play.

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