NCAA Soccer Rules Refresher; Suspensions

Published on September 26, 2012


C. Cliff McCrath – NISOA Executive Director

We received the following question about player suspensions:

What is the penalty if a player receives a 3rd red card in a Season?  I know the player is suspended for two matches after the second red card, but what happens on red card #3?  Does the player still have a 2 game suspension?  These red cards were all second yellow cards.

Cliff McCrath, NISOA Executive Director responds that as long as there are no ejections for fighting, it is a two-game suspension ad nausea. However, each conference or institution may impose a stricter sanction.

6 Responses to “NCAA Soccer Rules Refresher; Suspensions”

    • Barry: You will need to clarify? Normally a yellow card precedes a red? Please help me help you…

  1. If a player receives 2 yellow cards in the same game (automatically becomes a red card), are they allowed to play in the next scheduled game?

    • Answer: No. If first red there is a one-game suspension ; if second or more = 2 games…possibly more if fighting reds are involved. Note: There cannot be two yellows in the same game to same player because the second yellow card offense SHALL be red.

  2. I f a women player receives 5 yellow cards in a season does she have to sit out a game in league, If only 4 were during league play does she have to sit out a league game. Thanks Jim

    • Pursuant to R. 12.11.1, after receiving a fifth caution, the player is ineligible to participate in the next “regularly scheduled game” which is defined in A.R. 12.12.1.c.

      The issue of “league games” is irrelevant to the determination.