2013 National Referee Academy Schedule

Published on March 11, 2013


nrp_thumb_retouchedThe 2013 NISOA National Referee Academy schedule is now available. Academy sites are selected by the National Referee Program based on the local chapter’s proposal, population density of assessors, national referees, and airport accessibility. More site specific details will be posted on the web site once they are finalized.
Invitations will be sent and registration will begin by April 1, 2013 on NISOA Central Hub in Arbiter.

Date Site
May 4, 2013 Glendora, CA
June 1, 2013 Orlando, FL
June 8, 2013 Dallas, TX
June 8, 2013 Indianapolis, IN
June 15, 2013 Worcester, MA
June 29, 2013 Pittsburgh, PA
July 13, 2013 Fredericksburg, VA
July 20, 2013 Denver, CO
July 27, 2013 Chicago, IL
August 3, 2013 Danville, CA
August 10, 2013 Minneapolis, MN
August 17, 2013 Portland, OR

Note: Minneapolis, MN site added on July 25, 2013.

5 Responses to “2013 National Referee Academy Schedule”

  1. Any idea of when the itinerary will be made public?

    i.e. arrival & departure times


  2. It would be nice if you alternated your site locations each year so that every two years we might find a location closer than 400 miles away.

    • Chapters who are interested in hosting an academy submit a request to the National Referee Program staff. Sites are then chosen based on number of individuals who can travel to the sites and participate with a minimum of cost.

      • Is it too late to submit for NC? If not i would like to submit my NC package to tom.