nrp_thumb_retouchedThe Physical Performance Test (PPT) for National Referees and Candidates will be conducted at each of the National Referee Academies sites this year.  The PPT will be done at the end of the day with an expected start time of 5:30 and should be completed within an hour of start time. The PPT will be accomplished per the test standards and procedures set out in NISOA policy manual.

National Referees and candidates are reminded that they need to average 3.5 to successful meet the standards of the NISOA National Referee Program.  Please review the scoring distances and times as part of your preparation for the test. The test will be conducted in appropriate fitness attire.  A NISOA game uniform is not required for the National PPT.

Here is a link to some tips to do well on the PPT.  Hydration during the course of the classroom time will be an important part of being at your best for the PPT. Question on location of the PPT should be directed to the local site coordinators.

Questions on the PPT can be directed to Ken Kaylor, M.D. at [email protected].


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