C. Cliff McCrath - NISOA Executive Director

C. Cliff McCrath – NISOA Executive Director

Ladies and Gentlemen of the NISOA Family: Two Things…

I am a college soccer coach serving as your Executive Director which, since Day 1 September 2009, I have viewed as a conduit…a ‘voice’ if you will, between thousands of coaches, players and schools – and you who manage the game. Over the years a very high percentage of those colleagues voiced their concerns that, by and large, referees were not doing their job; some even said many referees were “out-of-touch” with the game. All that is changing, and the message I am getting now is that NISOA’s commitment to recruiting, training and certifying the best men and women for officiating the college game, is exciting and promising for better quality college soccer at every level.

One of the reasons for this is NISOA’s restructuring of the National Referee Academy Program featuring clinics in eleven cities throughout the country this summer. Indeed, on May 4, the first 2013 clinic was held at Citrus College in Glendora, California. It is more than coincidence that the first one for this summer was in George Noujaim’s backyard because he is NISOA’s National Referee Program Director. In fact, it was his vision to revise the National Referee Program from the old bi-annual, four-city, three-day event to an annual, one-day program.

In Citrus, Randall Reyes and Rod Kenney were the lead clinicians who very ably led candidates through a number of relevant topics aimed at making more uniform and consistent critical ‘calls’ in the game. If you haven’t checked it out, please logon to our website and consider joining one of the remaining sessions. They have been designed as high-powered, one-day events to minimize travel and expense. In addition, this year NISOA has waived the registration fee to make each program more affordable.

The second part of my message is directed more to Chapter Presidents but includes all current 5,500 (approx.) members. July 18-20, NISOA will celebrate 50 years of its existence with our Annual Convention at the historic Inverness Resort and Country Club in Englewood, Colorado. Over the past two years, President Glen Babcock and his CISOA’s members, have been working diligently to make this the most successful and memorable annual convention in NISOA’s history. I am asking every Chapter President to do all in his or her power to ensure that at least ONE Chapter member makes it to Denver. Even if it means that the Chapter votes to assist with expenses I know the NISOA leadership will be eternally grateful if not ecstatic to see such representation.

You can get all the registration information and materials on our website. And, if there are 12-Step golfers amongst you, tell them to come early for the Larry Starner Memorial Golf outing – early Thursday morning – where I pledge to defend my Longest Drive Award – even though it was two years ago. (I still have the prize – past Pres. Joe Miller presented which I will bring along as ‘bait’.)

Lastly, in addition to several vital topics – and special guests from NSCAA and the NCAA – for those desiring to certify as a NR – one of the eleven clinics will be held on site Saturday July 21.

I look forward to seeking you there and celebrating the best attended convention in history!

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    • Susan: The final dates have not yet been confirmed but it looks like it will be the week after the fourth of July. Joe Miller is our Director of Training Camps…his email is [email protected] so feel free to connect with him directly.