All NISOA members are reminded to complete your annual registration with the NCAA on the Registration tab of the NCAA Soccer Central Hub. You must register each year to take the NCAA Soccer Rules Test and indicate whether you wish to be considered for a NCAA Soccer tournament assignment. Registration is free of charge for NISOA members.

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Phone: 801-576-9436
Email: [email protected]
Hours: Monday-Thursday — 5 am to 7 pm MT Friday — 5 am to 5 pm MT
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5 Responses to “Annual Registration; NCAA Soccer Central Hub”

  1. My 4 children surprised me with a week trip to Germany, Ireland, and Spain led by my eldest son, beginning the day after my birthday. Thus I missed the 4 June registration date. Usually we register (I’m a 12 or 13 year National Assessor but no longer ref) with our local organization, Greater Chicago Chapter in my case. Can I do so now, and what is the charge for National Assessor that I will add to my chapter annual dues for the total payment ? I believe last year it was in the neighborhood of $65 for National Assessor. Thank you for your assistance.

  2. I registered as a referee and National Assessor, as of today I have not resceive confirmation. I attended the required National Assessor workshop in Portland, Oregon.

    Please, advice.

  3. Joe, We need a few extra patches in our chapter as referees misplace them etc. I mailed a check with order form to Mario however it came back.
    Where can i get a few extra patches?
    Scott Brown
    Montana Chapter

    • Mario passed away three years ago. Please go to the forms page on this site and see sales form. The correct contact person is Dave Steiner. His information is on the sales form.
      thank you