NAIA Soccer Ejection Procedures

Published on September 15, 2013

C. Cliff McCrath - NISOA Executive Director

C. Cliff McCrath – NISOA Executive Director

Message from the Executive Director to NISOA Members

Re.: NAIA Ejection Reports

Please see the following message I received from our NAIA client. This message is our way of asking all referees – assigned to NAIA games – to review Jason Ford’s message and do all within your power to comply with Jason’s wishes.

Thank you, in advance.


For some reason we are seeing an increasing number of officials who are only completing the NCAA Ejection Report.  We understand that NISOA has asked all officials to submit the report to the NCAA site if the contest is held using their playing rules.

However, if the officials do not also submit a report using the NAIA Ejection Form, there is the possibility that we could not be notified of ejections or the proper card accumulation.

When an official uses the NAIA Ejection Form, that incident assigns an ejection number which we use for filing as well as sending notification to the Athletics Director and School President.  In addition, when we are copied on the NCAA Ejection Report, the Detailed Explanation of Events Surrounding First Red Card does not come completely come across, which is unquestionably vital in determining severity of suspension as well as maintaining an accurate record of ejections.  We are also tracking the ejections on the Champions of Character Scorecards.  The ejection report form is easy to access at, mouse over the Memberships Services tab at the top of the page, click on Ejections (which is located under the Online Reporting title in red), this will take you to the NAIA Ejection Form.

We have sent this as a reminder to our Assigners and Conference Commissioners and ask that you forward the message directly to the officials.  We have already had a couple incidents that were affected due to the timing and filing of the incident report.

Thanks in advance,

Jason Michael Ford

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics

Manager of Championship Sports

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