NISOA President Progress Report; June 2017

Published on June 25, 2017


By: John Puglisi, NISOA President

John Puglisi (NY)
NISOA President

The first half of the first year of my term as president of our great organization has been busy. I am very pleased to report the successful implementation of several important initiatives. First, our Dues Structure Review Committee reviewed NISOA’s financial performance in 2016. The committee recommended returning $10 per member to the chapters to fund local programs based on the chapters’ priorities. Distributions to the chapters started in May 2017 and will continue as chapters file their requests. I have asked the Dues Structure Review Committee to continue their work to develop a sustainable dues structure for the organization. This will be the primary point of discussion at the upcoming Executive Board and Annual General Meeting in July. Second, NISOA launched a Chapter Support program where chapters can request supplemental funds from NISOA to enhance local programs and services. Only a couple of chapters have asked for support yet but we hope this program will be well received by the chapters. Third, we are wrapping up an external audit of our financial process to improve transparency and ensure we are using best financial and accounting management practices. We owe it to our membership to make sure each dollar is spent wisely and effectively.

We are also well along with our superb college soccer rules instruction program. Ross Meloan, a NISOA National Clinician from Kentucky has assembled a talent team of clinicians for this year’s local chapter training program. The team prepared and distributed instruction modules and articles to the chapters for their use as we prepare for the 2017 college soccer season. If you are a chapter clinician and have not received these materials through your chapter leadership, please leave a comment here so we can look into the issue and resolve it.

The 2017 NISOA National Referee Academies are underway thanks to the hard work of Dr. Todd Abraham, Sr. Director of Instruction and George Noujaim, Sr. Director of Evaluations and National Referee Program Director. Referee instruction is the heart of our organization. We are in good hands with our exceptional leaders in this area.

As you know, NISOA has moved to a new, more modern physical performance test. We are asking the chapters to provide the data as they administer the new test so we can analyze the current standards and criteria. Based on some of the initial data I have seen, the current criteria appear to be fair and reasonable. I am very grateful to the chapters that are participating and providing this important data.

I look forward to the upcoming NISOA convention in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s going to be a great event and a great chance to help guide our organization for the future. See you there.

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