NISOA Seeking Accounting Services Provider

Published on August 21, 2017


Carmen Serbio (NC)
Director, Financial Management

NISOA is now soliciting proposals for accounting services to support the organization. Requirements include, but are not limited to the following:

  • We currently use Quick Books and would prefer to use this method to keep our familiarity and partiality.
  • Utilize our internal chart of accounts so that we may detail our budget and year to date expenses and  internal accounting on an on-going basis.
  •  Prepare and file a Form 990 at year end.
  • Provide documents to be uploaded to Dropbox or similar application so that the Executive Board Members and other authorized users can have access to the documents for review.

We would certainly prefer a small to medium size, qualified accounting firm with close ties to NISOA, with particular interest in firms that employ NISOA members.

Our Director of Finance and Investment Management, Carmen Serbio will be managing this effort. Please leave a comment below if you or your firm wishes to submit a proposal to NISOA.

8 Responses to “NISOA Seeking Accounting Services Provider”

  1. I am interested in providing accounting services for NISOA I am a chapter contact and 30 year member of NISOA. Would like to know what other services you are interested in besides the 990 filing.

    • Please see the various tasks including monthly accounting, comparison to budget monthly, 990s and working with the auditor in 2017 to complete outside audit.

  2. I am a 15-year NISOA member and also a CPA. The firm I work for is interested in this opportunity. What is the process for responding to this request if we are interested in submitting a proposal?

    Also, what requirements would you like to have contained within a proposal?