Assessor FAQs

Published on September 17, 2017


In response to several questions about the revised assessment program, the following Frequently Asked Questions are provided. 


Q. Can the same assessor assess a referee in the middle and then as an assistant in the same year?


Q. Is there only one from for both the referee and the assistant?

A.Yes, the assessor enters all three referee’s information on the game at the top of the form and then enters who the assessment is for at the bottom of the form where it says, “completed for”.

Q. Is there any specific weight that should be given to any of the three criteria?

A. No, all the criteria are considered equally important for the referee’s total performance.

Q. The procedure says 75 points is the starting point for grading the referee. Is that 75 points for each of the criteria or 75 points for the total score?

A. 75 is the starting point for the total score in each criterion you add or subtract points in each criterion. Example: in the first criteria, you may add one point in the positive points column or subtract one point in the needs improvement column, this at the assessor’s discretion. Then add and subtract the points from each criteria to get the total score at the bottom of the form.

Q. Is the same form used for Referees, National Candidates, and National referees?

A. Yes

Q. What should the file name be?

A. The referees’ surnames (i.e. smith-jones-davis.pdf) , because that is how the Regional coordinators track who the assessment is for, by just looking at the file name.

Q. I can’t write on the form, what do I do?

A. Download Adobe Reader which is a free download then it will work.

Q. Who at NISOA gets the assessment form?

A. Go to this link for instructions on how to upload the form to NISOA. See the video tutorial below.

If there are further questions leave a comment/question here or refer to the web site under forms and download the assessor procedures zip file.

9 Responses to “Assessor FAQs”

  1. I can understand the new assessment form for Referees, BUT as an assessment form for CHAPTER AR’s,I think it does not cover what the AR does in the game,In all your forms ,material I see you only speak about PK’s,ejections,Excessive dissent,game management,etc which is what a Referee has to deal with.As an AR,you are judged on correct signals,good positioning,eye contact with the Referee,assistance with illegal equipment,serious foul play ,etc..Again I think the Chapter AR Assessment form was better.

    • George,
      The form is to be used for all assessments. The guidance I gave in the powerpoint is slanted towards referees but you can comment on all the things you referenced for ARs in the three criteria on the new form.

  2. When using the NISOA .PDF assessment feed back form on an iMac, how do you get the data, if it is more than what can be seen, in a data element to scroll?

  3. I would like to become an assessor. Is the route to attend one of the National Ref Academies? Is there a separate program for assessors?

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thank you for your inquiry in becoming a NISOA assessor.

      Please contact Mr. Rod Kenney ( NISOA Director of Assessment) for further information.

      His email address can be found on the NISOA assessment form.

      All the Best