By Todd Abraham, NISOA Senior Director of Instruction

I am please to announce the appointment of Mark Cahen as NISOA’s Director of Video Instruction, reporting to me.  The NISOA Director of Video Instruction is responsible to obtain video source material from college soccer games and prepare instructional material for publication on nisoa.com.


Mark Cahen (FL)
NISOA Director of Video Instruction

The responsibilities include:

  • Obtain video source material of interest for referee instructional purposes and aligned with NCAA or conference points of emphasis for match management.
  • Ensure all copyright conditions of the video source material are satisfied for NISOA instructional use.
  • Provide required video editing services, voice over narrative or written descriptive narrative for the video material (as required) to create teaching and discussion points with approved referee action for each video.
  • Create a NISOA channel on YouTube (or use an approved existing YouTube channel which can act as a repository for NISOA video instructional material) and upload finished product to the approved YouTube channel.

Mark has been a registered NISOA member for the past 10 + years and a former National NISOA referee.  He is active in his local chapter and was elected President of the South Florida ISOA chapter in 2013, for one term.  Prior to that, Mark was as the representative at large in 2009.   Mark is currently CONCACAF’s Manager of Refereeing where one of his many responsibilities include developing video clips for the video testing of referees, as well as discussion videos that are analyzed in the classroom setting.

Mark also is a moderator on the app RefereeIQ which is an educational platform which includes making and posting video clips for referee education in which he targets all areas of education in topics such as Challenges, Handling, Tactical Fouls, Penalty area incidents, Positioning and Reading, Offside, and Game Management.

I am happy to formally welcome Mark to the Instructional staff.

7 Responses to “Mark Cahen Appointed as NISOA Director of Video Instruction”

  1. As a current member of the Referee IQ educational app based platform; I can attest to Mark’s outstanding video editing and educational production skillset. He is an excellent resource for NISOA.

    Welcome to the team!

  2. Seems like NISOA has woken up! Congrats to them and the new faces among them!

    • For those of you who may be unaware. Mark was a former E-Town camper who won the award for camper of the year (best all-around performance). Congrats, Mark

  3. Congratulations Mark! Once you won the Larry Starner Award at the ETOWN Referee Camp – I knew the future for you was unlimited! I am honored to be your friend and to “help” you along-the-way. I am also glad you have been appointed to this position and you are “paying-it-forward” to other NISOA Referees and Candidates. Well done, bucko!