New NISOA Uniform Options for 2018

Published on May 10, 2018


The NISOA Executive Board is pleased to announce three new uniform shirts and a new sock design for 2018.

Frequently Asked Questions

New NISOA Uniform Design

Question: Why is NISOA changing uniforms?
Answer: The materials, design and cut of the uniforms are at least 20 years old. NISOA wants our officials to present a modern appearance with state of the art, performance materials. The new design blends these attributes with the traditional hallmark of the NISOA “grid” as we continually move the organization forward.

Question: Do I have to buy the new uniforms?
Answer: No. However, we encourage our membership to take advantage of the negotiated OSI group discount and the generous uniform subsidiary provided by NISOA for a limited time offer. However, OSI has informed us that they do not plan to manufacture additional old grid style jerseys.

Question: Can I still use the older design uniforms?
Answer: Yes. The new design is an approved option for NISOA members. The older design is still approved for use by NISOA. We ask the crews maintain the traditional professionalism of our organization by matching uniform styles when officiating collegiate matches. Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback and national adoption of the new NISOA uniform shirts and socks, the NISOA Executive Board has decided to retire the old “grid” style shirt in all colors and three stripe socks effective August 1, 2020.

Question: I’m confused about the uniform pricing. Why is there a limited time that we can purchase at a discount?
Answer: The limited time offer for the discount is to ensure all orders are filled and distributed to our officials in a timely manner prior to the start of the 2018 collegiate season.

Question: Do I have to be registered with NISOA to obtain introductory pricing?
Answer: You have to be currently registered as a NISOA member for the 2018 season. OSI will crosscheck all orders based on email and other data from NISOA to verify discount pricing eligibility. NISOA strongly suggests you use the same email address that is your username on ArbiterSports when placing your order.

Question: I am a new NISOA member this year and I’ve already placed my initial uniform order with my chapter. Which uniforms will I get?
Answer: All new members will receive the new uniform

Question: What if I’m working with officials that don’t have the new uniform?
Answer: NISOA requires the crew to dress alike in any of the NISOA approved uniform options.

Question: How long will it be before another color or a different uniform style is introduced?
Answer: NISOA is committed to these 3 colors (orange, yellow, blue) and style for the foreseeable future. Remember, it has been 20 years since the last uniform change. There are no current plans to introduce any additional colors.

Question: Can I wear the colored striped socks with the new uniform?
Answer: The colored three striped socks will still be part of the approved uniforms. The three stripe sock style is rather dated so we designed a one stripe sock unique to our place within the soccer officiating community that is to be worn as part of the new uniform dress code.

Question: Will there be a new style for shorts?
Answer: No, we don’t feel the need to re-style the shorts at this time. In order to keep costs down, the same range of shorts from OSI will be available and approved as in previous years.

Question: How do the new jersey’s run in terms of size?
Answer: The new jerseys fit similar to the new USSF jersey style with one exception; the long sleeve length is a true fit unlike the USSF style where the sleeves are much shorter. As a side note, OSI is modifying the cut of the USSF jersey to allow for longer sleeves and more room in the upper arm for communication devices.

Question: Is there a female cut jersey available?
Answer: NISOA requested this from OSI, but because a slower than projected sales with women’s cut in USSF jerseys, OSI will not be carrying women’s cut of the new NISOA jersey style at this moment. OSI did recommend if a referee preferred a women’s cut that they order one size smaller in men’s size (i.e. women’s medium = men’s small).  The new NISOA jersey style is an athletic fit unlike the previous style.

15 Responses to “New NISOA Uniform Options for 2018”

  1. The FAQ needs to consider the converse of one of its questions… It asks:
    “Question: What if I’m working with officials that don’t have the new uniform?” and gives a very clear answer about the entire crew matching. The next question that must be asked: What if I am working with officials who _only_ have the new uniform (and another crew member(s) does not)?

    • In this case, the crew has failed to meet NISOA requirements and expectations.

      NISOA expects a high level of professionalism of all our members in performance, appearance and match preparation. NISOA members’ professional responsibility includes having all necessary referee equipment. If a member does not have the prescribed uniform or any other necessary equipment for a match, the member is not properly prepared. This lack of preparation reflects poorly on themselves, their chapter and NISOA.

      • I understand we are not mandating returning referees buy the uniforms immediately, and agree 100% we should be matching as a crew. However, new referees will be sent the new design ONLY.

        What is the official stance on if I am assigned a game with a new referee who has ONLY the new design and another who has yet to purchase the new style because it is not mandated?? In these cases do we just match the color?

        The previous answer of the crew “failing to meet requirements/expectations” is contradictory to many of the answers in the FAQ sheet. The new referee bought their jerseys, FAQs are stating that returning referees do not have to buy the new style. How does anyone in the above referenced situation fail to meet requirements or expectations? Do new referees also have to source the old style as well?

        We need to hammer out options for all members before the season. We need answers and have to come up with some type of plan to transition to the new uniform. Just throwing new jerseys out there without some form of phase-in plan to transition so all members are included during the transition is honestly reflecting a lack of preparation on the part of NISOA, not the referees.

        • Our policy is that all crew members dress alike.

          If renewing members choose not to purchase the new design, that is their choice. NISOA negotiated “rollout” pricing with a generous subsidy for our members to move into the new uniforms immediately at minimal cost. The NISOA “phase in” plan is having unprecedented pricing available to our members for immediate transition to the new design. Several NISOA chapters recognize this and are taking advantage of this offer to provide their members with new uniforms for this season.

          New members are receiving the new uniforms as part of their new NISOA member package because the NISOA Executive Board believes it is absolutely unfair and contrary to recruitment and retention goals to provide new members with uniforms that are going out of production. Chapters may develop a policy to require their new members to purchase the older grid design, if available. While the NISOA Executive Board strongly recommends against this option, it is within the chapter’s authority to do so.

        • Mike, thanks for trying. I was thinking along similar lines. I appreciate the generous price cut, but given 2 years (like USSF) seems workable.

  2. when will we be receiving the new jerseys that we ordered and paid for 2 months ago?

  3. Hi Admin

    I just find out the purchase order form. Do you have a chance to submit and order to buy at least the shirts (5) ? and take the discount?

    Thank you

    • Hi John,

      The deadline for the uniform discount and subsidiary was June 30th, 2018. However, you can place your order (full price) for the new uniforms by contacting OSI directly.

      Thank you

      -Lance VanHaitsma

  4. When does the window close to purchase the new uniforms at the discounted price?

        • Hi. Members can still buy the new uniform. The discount, however, will not be extended. The intent of the limited time discount was to ensure that OSI could fulfill and ship all orders before the start of the 2018 season so NISOA could immediately transition into the new uniform design.