In our continuing efforts to provide more accessible training opportunities for all of our referees, assessors, instructors and administrators, NISOA is partnering with United Educators to bring you training covering several officiating topics.

Ross Meloan
Director of Distance Learning Initiative

Todd Abraham

Todd Abraham, NISOA Senior Director of Instruction

NISOA, the leader in college soccer official training and education, is providing its membership with a new opportunity to access a variety of on-line training modules.  Members can access the NISOA on-line training portal with a few clicks for access to five training modules that include a module that focuses on NCAA rules changes, official training power points, the refresher test and a refresher test review in power point format.

NISOA members work college contests involving mixed gender crews or games of different genders from their own.  It is important to recognize the circumstances that could be interpreted as sexual harassment.  It is equally important to know how and to whom those situations must be reported.  It is for these reasons that NISOA has taken a bold and aggressive step to address two topics of national concern, diversity and sexual harassment. In that regard, NISOA has chosen to require your participation with a training module that focuses on these two topics.


If you have not established an account (with username and password) on the NISOA Learning Portal, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to this web page on NISOA.com to receive the “Learning Path” code you will need to establish your account. Enter this code in the “Learning Path” field when you register for the first time in the next step.
  2. Go to the NISOA Learning Portal (external link hosted at United Educators) and create your account with username and password.

Once you have established your account, simply go to the NISOA Learning Portal for your training requirements and needs.

We hope that you will take this opportunity to participate in all of the on-line training modules designed for you to complete at your leisure and place of your choosing.  Feel free to contact us with your thoughts about these and futures on-line training modules.

Dr. Todd Abraham, Senior Director of Instruction

Dr. Ross Meloan, Director of Distance Learning Initiative

Help Links

If you are having trouble registering at the Learning Portal web site, check these links for additional help.

I did not receive my welcome email

Learning Portal Password Requirements

Self-registration help

15 Responses to “Announcing the New NISOA Online Learning Portal”

    • Ed,

      Follow the instructions above to gain access to the Online Learning Portal. The embedded links have been color coded (Blue) to make the instructions more user friendly.

      Thank you

      Lance VanHaitsma

      • Thanks Lance. The issue wasn’t getting into the portal. The system was not sending the confirmation email needed to log in. After trying again the following day the system generated the email

      • I am a National Assessor but I am not listed in the group of names. I assume I should be able to have access to this Learning Portal. Thanks.

        • Fred…had to make a correction to the membership database. You appear in the group of names. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

      • I have followed the information and not gotten an email response. Does the system send out immediate response?

          • On the NISOA website I selected my name from the drop down box to register for the first time and submitted. As soon as I did the page indicated that an email sent.
            However I have never received and email.
            As I understand it this is the first step in getting the registration set-up correct? This will generate a code for me to login and register on the learning portal if I am not mistaken…

            • Eugene…the email address you have registered with nisoa.com (your ArbiterSports.com email) is not the same as the email address you included in this comment. Perhaps the email address you have with ArbiterSports is out of date.

  1. I am trying to register and is asking me for a Learning Path. What is it?

    Under Help, it tells me to:
    “Step 1. Visit the custom URL web address provided by your institution’s Training Administrator.

    NOTE: If you are prompted to enter an Access Token or Affiliation ID, you will need to contact your Training Administrator for an updated custom URL web address.”

    I have never received the custom URL. Please advise.

    Thank you.

  2. Is there no way to download or be able to watch the presentation trainings again? Once you’ve completed, it looks like there’s no way to re-watch or download the presentations as a refresher. Is the assumption that each individual referee needs to go here to see them and you’re not mailing out the USB thumb drives with the information on them anymore?

    • Hi Chris,
      Thank you for your question. Actually there isn’t a way to download the sexual harassment training module provided through our learning portal. However, the other modules can be found on the flash drive NISOA provided to all local chapter contact back in June. If your chapter did not receive one of our flash drives, please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience.