We are pleased to announce the schedule for all approved clinics for 2019 NISOA National Referee recertification. Attending a clinic below will satisfy the clinic attendance requirement for recertification for NISOA National Referees. These clinics are open to all NISOA members and we encourage our members to take advantage of these superlative educational opportunities. There is no fee associated with attending any of these clinics other than the standard registration fee for all National Referees.

Registration will open shortly on the NISOA Central Hub on ArbiterSports.com. Fact sheets for each site will be posted as they become available. The schedule is subject to change. Changes will be posted to the NISOA Twitter timeline with appropriate modifications made to this page.

We look forward to seeing everyone at a clinic near you this summer.

Date Location Information
May 4, 2019 Cal-South, Glendora CA Fact Sheet
May 11, 2019 Denver CO (NCAA) Fact Sheet
June 1, 2019 Greensboro NC (NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic) Fact Sheet
June 1, 2019 Dallas TX (NCAA) Fact Sheet
June 8, 2019 Bronx NY (NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic) Fact Sheet
June 15, 2019 Cal-North, Livermore CA Fact Sheet
June 15, 2019 Orlando (Melbourne) FL (NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic) Fact Sheet
July 13, 2019 Nashville TN Fact Sheet
July 13, 2019 Philadelphia PA (NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic) Fact Sheet
July 20, 2019 Indianapolis IN (NCAA) Fact Sheet
July 20, 2019 Kansas City MO (NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic) Fact Sheet
July 27, 2019 Birmingham AL (NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic) Fact Sheet
August 3, 2019 Portland OR Fact Sheet
August 3, 2019 Boston MA (NCAA) Fact Sheet
August 4, 2019 Chicago IL (NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic)** TBA

**Due to capacity limits in conjunction with the Big Ten conference, you must be a member of the NISOA National Referee Program to attend.

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20 Responses to “2019 NISOA National Referee Academy and Certification Clinic Schedule”

  1. Just to clarify, the 8/4 clinic in Chicago, IL will be held at the Big Ten Conference HQ.

    Only NISOA National Referees are invited to attend, alongside officials currently working in the Big Ten Conference.

    • Why when I select the Orlando site, it goes to a East coast location. Like Melbourne?

      • The clinic is in Melbourne, Florida. Cleared that up on the site. Sorry for the confusion.

    • I have received email confirmation for August 4thin Chicago. Does this confirm my spot at this certification clinic?

      • Hi Aaron,
        you are confirmed for 8/4 Joint Clinic in Chicago.

        I have just added a feature to the registration portal that will email confirmation after the registration is completed.

        Thank you


    • I am trying to find out if National Assessors have to attend the clinic in Greensboro on 6/1 for re-certification, or is it mandatory every other year?

      Thank you

      • Abe,
        Yes, National Assessors will need to attend one of the 15 clinics this summer for certification purposes.

        Thank you


  2. Attendance by National Referees at the NISOA Referee Summit in St. Louis, Missouri will satisfy the clinic requirement for 2019 NRP certification.

  3. Will Attending the NCAA/ECSR Clinic in Indianapolis Indiana on July 19th satisfy requirements as for NISOA National Referee Program and NISOA Regional and/or NISOA National Assessor Recertification MUST I attend one of the NISOA/ECSR clinics to satisfy the NISOA National Referee and/or NISOA Regional a d NISOA National Assessor requirements.

    I ask this question because last year the NCAA sponsored clinics covered different topics of instruction and had different instructors. This was also prior to the NISOA/ECSR partnership.

    I have already registered and made travel plans to attend the NCAA/ECSR Clinic prior to this partnership announcement but I am required as a NISOA Regional Assessor to attend the NISOA National Referee Clinic to Recertify as a NISOA Regional Assessor.

    • Daniel,
      Attendance at any of the above clinics will satisfy your clinic requirement for NRP recertification.

      NISOA is working closely with the NCAA in regards to instructional material and opportunities for our membership.

      Thank you

      • To confirm Lance Attendance to the NCAA/ECSR clinic in Indianapolis Indiana on 7/20 will satisfy requirement for NISOA Regional Assessor Rectification requirements as a Regional NISOA Assessor and NOT just NISOA National Referees Recertification as part of the NRP program?

        • Hi Daniel,

          YES, attendance at any NCAA Regional seminars will satisfy the clinic requirement for recertification for NISOA Regional and National Assessors.

          When I speak about the NRP, I am referring to National Referees, Candidates, Regional Assessors, and National Assessors.

          Sorry for the Confusion.

          Thank you

      • Lance,as a LOCAL Assessor here on Long island ,is it a requirement for me to attend this clinic?

        • Hi George,

          Local Assessors are not required to attend but we highly recommend you do because of the education provided at these clinics.

          Dr. Todd Abraham’s staff, in collaboration with ECSR, have put together an agenda full of topics relevant to the modern collegiate game.

          We hope to see you at clinic this summer

          Thank you

  4. Hello,

    Is the June 1 clinic in New York, NY still being offered? I was planning on attending that course (per ECSR website) to satisfy my chapter’s NISOA annual meeting requirements. I registered on ECSR.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Ryan,

      The only NISOA/ECSR clinic in NYC is on 6/8 at Fordham Univ.

      If you are planning on attending this clinic, you will need to register using the NISOA/ECSR Joint clinic registration portal.

      Thank you

  5. Are these clinics only for National NISOA referees? I am in Cal-south and not a national referee, can I still attend? and what would be the main benefit?

    • Sam,

      These National Clinics are open to ALL NISOA Members free of charge.

      The main benefit would be exposure to the college specific education taught by the leading instructors at each of these clinics.

      If you plan on attending, please fill out the registration form located on the NISOA Arbiter Central Hub & on the front page of NISOA.com (clinic registration instructions link).

      We hope to see you in Glendora, CA next month.


  6. Is the Philadelphia clinic registration still available for Regional Assessors? I tried to register but this event was not available from the location drop down box.

    • Hi Kevin,

      The Philly Joint Clinic has reached capacity (150).

      I will put you on the waitlist and notify you in case of any cancellations.

      Thank you

      Lance VanHaitsma