Registration is now open for the various NISOA certification clinics throughout the spring and summer. As previously announced, NISOA National Referee Program members will have multiple options and opportunities for clinic certification requirements. Please note that the registration procedures for the clinics will vary so please make sure you are registering properly. Click an image or the text link below to go to the appropriate registration form.

Important Notes:

  • For NISOA National Referees, fee payment will still be through the NISOA Central Hub at ArbiterSports.com.
  • All clinics are available to NISOA members without fee. Members will only be responsible for their personal expenses associated with getting to the clinics and any other site specific fees such as parking fees.
  • Attendance at any of these clinics will satisfy clinic requirements for NISOA National Referees and assessors.

Registration for NISOA National Referee Clinics

Use this link to register for the clinics in Glendale, California (May 4, 2019), Livermore, California (June 15, 2019), Nashville, Tennessee (July 13, 2019) and Portland, Oregon (August 3, 2019).

Registration for NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinics

Use this link to register for the various NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinics.

Registration for NCAA Soccer Regional Seminars.

Use this link to register for the various NCAA Soccer Regional seminars.


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