On Sunday March 31st, 2019, NISOA Referees, Conference Assignors, Local Chapter Leadership, and National Clinicians descended onto the campus of Florida Institute of Technology in Melbourne, Florida for the first ever NISOA Referee Development & Identification Event.

For the teams in attendance, this was the culmination of their spring season, with the winner of the single elimination tournament style event being crowned champions. The matches featured nationally ranked Division 2 men’s programs, creating a very competitive stage for the referees to showcase their abilities.

Referees in attendance ranged from current NISOA National Referee status to 2nd year NISOA members. Also included in the group were 2 members who recently transferred from out of state into local Florida chapters.

“The NISOA Referee Development & Identification Event was an amazing experience both as a referee and student of the game. Being able to converse with assignors and referee coaches provided me with the chance to showcase my ability as well as learn a great deal of information to only further improve my ability as a referee. I felt very lucky to be given the whistle on the final match, which proved to be challenging yet entertaining. I couldn’t be happier with what I learned from the event and will continue to take advantage of future NISOA educational opportunities.” – Kyle Cividanes (2nd year NISOA Member)

“It was a great opportunity for exposure with assignors we don’t often get the chance to meet. This development even also gave us a better idea of what is expected of us at the college level.” – Erika Barahona (3rd year NISOA Member)

This event provided the officials in attendance not only the opportunity to showcase their abilities in front of statewide Conference Assignors, but also receive coaching from NISOA National Clinician Staff members Kermit Quisenberry and Ben Trevino.

Kermit and Ben were able to provide the most current teachings to the officials when coaching them in-between and after matches. The coaching opportunity allowed for a positive yet constructive dialogue, which fostered the optimal learning environment for all in attendance.

“This was a highly successful event from all aspects. The teams created a challenging work environment that tested the referee’s abilities. The referees were very coachable and had a strong desire to gain as much knowledge as they could from Referee Coaches and Conference Assignors in attendance. I commend NISOA for focusing on the grassroots level by providing this educational and ID event for its members.” – Kermit Quisenberry

Conference Assignors in attendance were Manuel Ortiz Jr (Division 1), Tom Wilde (Division 2) and Newman “Zoom” Stemple (NJCAA). These Conference Assignors were able to evaluate and identify promising NISOA referees for either addition or promotion within their Conference Rosters. They also educated officials on what it takes to officiate within their respective conferences as well as provided honest feedback on performances from the event.

“Based on my observations at the NISOA Referee Development and ID event at FIT, I will offer new opportunities to those who performed very well.” – Tom Wilde (D2 Sunshine State Conference Assignor)

“The NISOA Referee Development & Identification event provided me the opportunity to evaluate Two NISOA referees, who recently transferred into Florida Chapters this spring. Based on my observation of their performances throughout the event, I have added both to my pool of officials.” – Newman “Zoom” Stemple (NJCAA Region VIII Conference Assignor)

“Very well-organized event. An excellent opportunity to ID, coach and mentor up and coming referees. ECSR would like to thank NISOA for including us ” – Manuel Ortiz Jr (D1 Conference Assignor/ECSR Board Member)

Florida Sun ISOA Chapter President Sam Gillispie was on hand to gain insight on the tangibles that Conference Assignors look for in officials as well as provide support to the Referee Coaches by noting key match incidents on an observation form for video clips to be edited for educational reinforcement.

NISOA would like to thank all in attendance for making the event an overwhelming success, especially Florida Institute of Technology from the Sunshine State Conference for hosting the event.

For more information on hosting future NISOA Referee Development & Identification Event opportunities, please contact NISOA Secretary Ben Trevino.

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