The NISOA National Referee certification test for 2019 is now available on the NISOA Central Hub at ArbiterSports.com.  Please note that this exam also may be used for local chapter requirements and is the same exam used for NCAA post season eligibility.  A requirement for the National Referee program is to pass this test with a 90% score.  Test takers will be given 2 attempts.  The deadline for completing the test for the NISOA National Referee Certification is August 8, 2019 at 11:59 pm Eastern time.  There will be NO extensions.  NISOA also provides an annual refresher test directly to the chapters – the refresher test WILL NOT substitute for this exam and does NOT count toward post season eligibility.  Only this exam – the National Referee certification exam – counts toward the National Referee program and NCAA post season eligibility requirements.  There are further requirements for both the National Referee program and NCAA post season eligibility, in addition to taking this exam, which are detailed by each program’s administrator.

As in the past, this test will also be used for NCAA post-season certification for those members who have met the NCAA requirements (which includes certain game requirements as outlined by the NCAA).  The “2 attempt” rule will apply to whether the test is taken on the NCAA web site or the NISOA web site.  A TOTAL of 2 attempts will be allowed.  The tests are “time stamped” so anyone trying to attempt the exam more than two times by taking the exam on both sites will have ONLY the first two attempts count toward National Referee certification and NCAA post season eligibility.

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