2020 NISOA Referee Clinic Schedule

Published on March 1, 2020


We are pleased to announce the 2020 NISOA College Soccer Referee Clinic schedule. Please note the following details regarding clinic registration and qualifications:

  • As a result of the the continued agreements and collaborations established for the 2020 season with our fellow stakeholders in collegiate soccer, these clinics are open to all NISOA members and there is no fee associated with registration.
  • Attendance at any of these clinics will fulfill the National Referee Program Recertification clinic requirement.
  • NISOA National Referees ONLY will need to access the Administrative Payment Portal.
  • Academy Fact Sheets and Agendas will be posted shortly. Plan on 9am to 4 pm for all NISOA National Academies and NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinics.
  • Clicking on a clinic, except for the NCAA Referee Seminars, will take you to the clinic’s registration page. We expect the NCAA will provide specific registration information soon.
  • Please go to the revised page of clinics here.

Date Clinic Fact Sheet
April 25, 2020 NISOA Referee Summit, Clemson, SC Link
June 27, 2020 National Referee Academy, E. Lansing, MI Link
July 11, 2020 National Referee Academy, Oklahoma City, OK Link
TBA National Referee Academy, Portland, OR Link
Date Clinic Fact Sheet
April 18, 2020 NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic, Orlando Florida Link
May 16, 2020 NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic, St. Louis, Missouri Link
June 13, 2020 NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic, Dallas, Texas Link
July 25, 2020 NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic, Boston, MA Link
August 2, 2020 NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic, Chicago, IL Link
August 8, 2020 NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic, Minneapolis, MN Link
TBA NISOA/ECSR Joint Clinic, Atlanta, GA Link
Date Clinic Fact Sheet
May 9, 2020 NCAA Seminar, Los Angeles, CA Link
May 30, 2020 NCAA Seminar, Greensboro, NC Link
July 11, 2020 NCAA Seminar, Indianapolis, IN Link
July 18, 2020 NCAA Seminar, Philadelphia, PA Link

4 Responses to “2020 NISOA Referee Clinic Schedule”

    • Hi Stephen,

      At this point, only the Joint Clinic in Orlando is closed due to cancellation.

      Thank you


  1. lance, just to make sure that I heard correctly-. is everything still in flux with regards to the clinics, including the joint nisoa ones

    • Hi Brian,

      Information surrounding NISOA’s Summer Schedule of Events is forthcoming. Stay Tuned my friend.