Thanks to the support of the NISOA Foundation Fund, NISOA is pleased to announce this new educational stimulus initiative. This initiative will provide a small stimulus opportunity for membership affected economically by the COVID-19 pandemic and provide continuing education during a time where our members are at home looking for activities to keep themselves busy. We care deeply about all of our NISOA Family members and hope this stimulus opportunity can assist in financial relief.

Who is Eligible?

All current, registered NISOA members are eligible except for NISOA elected officials and employees. Members can only win once during this program.

What is the Initiative?

The NISOA Instructional team has prepared a playlist of collegiate soccer video clips for review. Each week, a quiz question and answer sheet for that week’s ten video clip playlist will be posted using Google Survey. Results will be tabulated and analyzed to grade the quiz and and develop “most missed questions” that will be used as continuing education through a follow-up discussion. Videos will be hosted on the NISOA YouTube channel as a playlist. We strongly suggest you subscribe to the channel to get automatic notifications when NISOA videos are posted there.

How will NISOA determine the winners?

The quiz scores will be sorted based on most correct answers. Tiebreakers will determined by a random number assigned by the timestamp when the answer sheet was submitted.

2020 Schedule and Results

Week Quiz Open Quiz Closed Winners Announced Wall of Champions Analysis + Answer Key Most Missed Review
1 April 6 April 8 April 10 Click Here Click Here Click Here
2 April 13 April 15 April 17 Click Here Click Here Click Here
3 April 20 April 22 April 24 Click Here Click Here Click Here
4 April 27 April 29 May 1 Click Here Click Here Click Here
5 May 4 May 6 May 8 Click Here Click Here Click Here
6 May 11 May 13 May 15 Click Here Click Here Click Here
7 May 18 May 20 May 22 Click Here Click Here Click Here
8 May 25 May 27 May 29 Click Here Click Here Click Here


11 Responses to “NISOA Educational Stimulus Initiative Sponsored by the NISOA Foundation Fund”

  1. Potentially consider separate group of winners at the end for the best of the wall of champions over all weeks?

    • Hi Brandon – Thanks for your suggestion. We’ll certainly look into that as an option. Good luck in the coming weeks!

        • Hi Lucio – We recommend taking note of your answers each week to review against correct answers once released. Good luck!

    • Great idea. Maybe a grand prize for highest mean score for someone that took all of the quizzes?

  2. For those of us aspiring to Nisoa and college games but still doing high school and DA, how to participate in the quiz sections? Great content so far!

    • Hi CJ,

      While this stimulus initiative is open to only NISOA members, I strongly recommend you check out the Answer Key + Analysis pdf found on this page for access to the answers and analysis breakdown of each weekly quiz.

      Be Safe & Be Healthy!

  3. I am a new NISOA member. I have stumbled upon the videos that represent the quiz through NEISOA and YouTube, but I can’t find any link to the survey to take the quiz. Can someone send it to me?


    • HI Andrew,

      The stimulus quiz is distributed each week to our national roster using ArbiterSports automated email system.

      I recommend you double check your email address within the NISOA Arbiter group for accuracy and then check the spam folder in your email since there are times the mass emails from Arbiter do find their way in there.

      Welcome to NISOA!