From the Executive Director; Tom Richardson

Published on August 15, 2014

C. Cliff McCrath - NISOA Executive Director

C. Cliff McCrath – NISOA Executive Director

Tom Richardson (NC) - Associate Director

Tom Richardson (NC) – Associate Executive Director

Tom Richardson, our very dedicated Associate Executive Director – and Director of Memberships and Awards – is facing some very difficult family challenges. His wife’s sister has been diagnosed with endometrial cancer (Stage 4). Tom’s wife has spent massive amounts of time with her at her home in West Virginia. Tom has been traveling back and forth from their home in North Carolina to his sister-in-law’s home in West Virginia providing travel assistance as well as other kinds of support emergencies of this nature require.

I spoke with Tom today and, not surprisingly, he was worrying about his service to NISOA particularly with reference to processing new memberships and finalizing the details from this summer’s NRP clinics in order to get new, national badges mailed – to those that passed their tests – before the new season begins. Tom has emailed information to all eligible referees so no one should lack for updates and I suggest not contacting Tom until you hear from him.

Thank you, in advance, for your understanding, and your prayers for Tom and his family.

4 Responses to “From the Executive Director; Tom Richardson”

  1. Tom is a great person and has helped me throughout my college referee career. My prayers are for him and his family through this tough and trying time.

  2. Tom,

    Having been through this with my mother’s cancer the past five years, can totally understand what you are going through my friend!

    From our family to yours, we are thinking about you!

  3. September 5 was a very tough day as I celebrated getting my “Golden Buckeye Card” on my BD, but missing Dr. Ray Bernabei, who was a great friend, mentor and above all, loved by my children who passed away
    on Sep. 5. 2008! You are missed and I do miss our daily/weekly chats!