Manuel Ortiz, Jr. (TX)

Manuel Ortiz, Jr. (TX)

President George Wescott is pleased to announce the appointment of Manny Ortiz, Jr, Garland, TX., as NISOA Interim Executive Director. This appointment was approved by a special vote of the Executive Board. Manny has a long history with NISOA in many capacities. He joined in 1980 and was an active official and National Referee for many years. Manny was selected to officiate 7 NCAA finals at various division levels and 5 NAIA final tournaments, both men and women. He worked numerous NCAA Division I,II and III games all over the country. In addition to his broad officiating experience, Manny has also been very involved with the administrative portion of NISOA for many years. He has served as regional representative for Region IX, secretary, vice-president and past president. He currently serves as the Director of Assignors. Manny is also an active assignor and provides officials for numerous conferences.

Manny’s extensive NISOA background and his thorough knowledge of how NISOA functions should greatly assist in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of Interim Executive Director. Manny is well respected within NISOA amd knows many of the members personally. In addition, Manny is well respected throughout the soccer community in the United States and has close personal contacts at the highest level in many of the various soccer related organizations such as the NCAA, NSCAA, NAIA, NCCAA, NJCAA, AYSO, USYSA, U.S. Soccer Federation, and the NFHS.

Manny is committed to move NISOA forward and work diligently to make NiSOA the organization of choice for intercollegiate soccer.

2 Responses to “Manny Ortiz, Jr. Named NISOA Interim Executive Director”

  1. Congratulations, with his wealth of experience, he should bring additional positive attention to NISOA.