Over the past several weeks, the NISOA Executive Board contacted the chapters about the administration of the new NISOA fitness test for the 2017. We received a wide variety of responses including “why bother having a fitness test.” There were also quite a few responses that warned of a significant drop in membership if the fitness test was strictly enforced.

We did not intend for the fitness test to be used strictly as a device to reduce membership. The feedback we received from assignors mirrors the chapters’ feedback. Most assignors are supportive of the enhanced, more universal fitness test and criteria. Other assignors, are worried that they won’t be able to cover games with reduced membership.

Considering all the feedback, the NISOA Executive Board has developed the following expectations for the 2017 season and the administration of the fitness test:

NISOA expects:

  • Chapters shall administer the new fitness test as prescribed.
  • Chapters will ask NISOA for assistance as required in the administration of the new fitness test.
  • Members who may be excused from taking the test because they have passed an equivalent or more demanding test administered by their US Soccer Federation State Association or the Professional Referee Organization (PRO) will assist in administering the fitness test.
  • Chapters will report the fitness test result data to NISOA for use in evaluating requirement criteria.
  • Chapters will share fitness test data with assignors to assist in the area of classifying and de-classifying individual NISOA officials for the purpose of game assignments.

NISOA does not expect that:

  • Members will be placed in “not in good standing” status for not meeting the minimum standard in 2017, however, NISOA expects all of its members to be at a fitness level required for the college game.

NISOA National Referees are required to meet the minimum standards.

Chapters may, at their discretion, impose more advanced standards including requiring a field assessment or other sanctions for members who do not achieve the minimum standard in 2017.

We understand that the new fitness test is more rigorous and requires much more physical preparation on the part of each member. NISOA will meet its responsibility to provide members with training regimens to improve their fitness level to meet the demands of modern college soccer.

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