NISOA Chapter Support Request Program

Published on May 4, 2017


The NISOA Executive Board is pleased to announce a new program to improve chapter support for 2017. Chapters are encouraged to use this online form to request services and/or financial support for chapter initiatives. A link to the online form is on the Forms page of our website as well.

Since this is a new program, grant requests will be considered based on justified need and available funds within the current operating budget. Chapters will be limited to a single annual grant request to ensure the program benefits are spread widely and evenly.

The grant program is not intended to relieve chapters from their responsibility to maintain adequate local funds to absorb chapter-approved operating costs. However, we realize that “extra” programs that benefit referee education and development that are beyond the financial or manpower resources of the local chapter should be supported to the maximum extent practicable.

We believe this program will provide tangible and beneficial improvements for our chapters and our members. Expect periodic implementation reports and “success stories” over the next few months as the program rolls out.

Go to Chapter Support Request Form

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