From The Executive Director; May 2017

Published on May 12, 2017


Julie Fabsik – Swarts
NISOA Executive Director

By Julie Swarts – Fabsik, NISOA Executive Director

Hello NISOA community.  It has been a busy several months since my last communication.  We have made progress in several significant areas.


Convention-we are putting the final touches on the convention this year. Nashville is a beautiful city and our hotel will be a great fit. Registration includes a Saturday night Tennessee BBQ complete with great southern BBQ, a country western band and an awards ceremony.  Additionally, there are great educational sessions scheduled. We hope you will take the time and come together with your fellow referees to share education, fellowship and a great party!  See more and register at Hold the date of July 22-23.



Carmen Serbio (NC)
Director, Financial Management

Dues Structure Review Committee- The Dues Structure Review Committee periodically reviews NISOA financial performance and develop/validate a sustainable dues structure. In February 2016, the committee reviewed NISOA’s financial performance in 2016 and recommended to return $10 per member to the each chapter to fund appropriate chapter initiatives. An operational budget has been developed for 2017. The Committee will continue to monitor NISOA financial performance and provide preliminary recommendations for the 2018 dues structure in July 2017 with a final recommendation due on October 1, 2017.


Conference Relations Committee – Carmen Serbio, NISOA Director of Financial Management has agreed to co-chair a Conference Relations Committee with me. This committee is exploring how to build relationships with the conferences around the country. There is much work to do in this area.  We will keep you posted as to our progress.

Other News

Nicole Ward
Asst. Director of Operations

  • Nicole Ward – We brought on Nicole Ward, former US Soccer employee, to assist with some of the workload in NISOA operations.  Nicole has a tremendous background working with soccer referees.  We hope you will connect with Nicole as she works in support of areas such as Elizabethtown Camp, National Referee Academies and education.
  • Audit-Currently NISOA is undergoing an outside audit to determine the strengths and weakness of our financial systems.  A report will be generated for the board at the conclusion of this process.
  • National Referee Academies-  This year’s national referee academies get underway next week thanks to the great work by George Noujaim, Todd Abraham and many more.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you at the convention and at academies around the country.  Enjoy the spring and keep training!



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