From the President; A New Season

Published on August 29, 2017


By: John Puglisi, NISOA President

A new college soccer season is upon us. Time to take all the rules study, physical and mental preparation and put it to use for the student-athletes we serve. We owe it to the student-athletes to perform at the highest level for each minute of every match we have the privilege to participate in. It truly is “game time.”

John Puglisi (NY)
NISOA President

I want all NISOA members to take on the following challenges for this season:

  • Bring high energy and enthusiasm to each match. This becomes a true challenge after mid-October where the bumps and bruises of the season start to add up. Make sure your match recovery habits allow you to keep your energy up at this crucial part of the season.
  • Demand excellence from yourself. Self-assess every one of your performances and identify your strong points as well as areas for improvement. Keep this article handy to guide your self-assessment. Ask your fellow members for their observations in the post-match wrap up. Improvement is only possible when you honestly want to improve.

Organizational excellence only happens when every member continually strives for individual excellence. As a leader, I will not ask any more of a member than I am willing to do myself. However, if we do not expect the best from each other, whether it is related to physical preparation, professional appearance and behavior, our organization will not be as great as it can be.

Have a great season, stay healthy and please remember we want you keep your family and your job as the highest priorities. Thank you for your continued support and membership.

3 Responses to “From the President; A New Season”

  1. John,

    I was VERY GLAD to see that the NEW NISOA badge has the year on it…I think TOO many referees in the past didn’t deserve to have the badge, since they skipped meetings and the fitness test…. etc…